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Kinbaku Tuition

With yoroi-ryu

Your a new to Kinbaku and you would like to study it. Wise choice ! We advise you to start by a “Start your journey in kinbaku“.

You are not new, but you want to keep continue to explore or improve visit Yoroi Nicolas website or is Calendar.

Performance Of Prometheusv And Pauline

For the second performance in the Dojo, CARPé like to invite another student of Kana-sensei.

Prom uses pain, shame, and exposure to put her partner in a vulnerable state, and lets her partner`s emotions guide the direction of the performance. Throughout the scene, she leaves herself open and unguarded, while she mixes her feelings with her partner`s. Rope after rope, she wraps these feelings with care and love, creating intricate and expressive patterns with them.


A friendly space to: practice together, meet, discover and have some tea in our small group.
(No reservation)

To understand more about the concept : here
For the Date : Here
(Starting again 23/08/2017)

Submission II

Submission Workshop – Impact play

Presenter Gothique- 25 nov 2017

Submission Workshops are place to try out basic human beahvior and test ourself in a safe environement !

Impact play is something you see in great many scenes and at almost every play party – it is one of the cliches of the kink world. Is there more to it than what you see at first glance and are there more ways of playing than you might think? This is what we will explore in this introductory workshop. The workshop will take the form of a series of guided discussions and play moments aiming to give a new perspective on impact play. This workshop is suitable for beginners and the more experienced alike.



Practice on hour every lunch of the day week !  The practice could be a teaching or Aïkido Jam, depending of people.
Opening the dojo is depneding of Yoroï nicolas schedules.