Exploring Yoroï Style

Or finding creativity in a minimalist, organic and moving style.

For many years now I have worked to find a really free way to express myself in rope, based on body knowledge. The research lead me to use only essential elements for very organic aesthetics based on motion.

What kind of motion ?

  • External, when rigger and model communicate through movement.
  • Internal, when everything is moving inside your body and creates a situation.

The workshop will mix floorwork and full suspension.

  • In floorwork we are going to introduce specific exercises about : posture, balance, moving from Japanese sitting, breathing and maybe creating some resonance in static position.
  • In suspension, we will base our study on the essentials, working on evolution and transformations more then transitions, acting to find natural ways of placing the body more than engineering the tying.

The aim is to make the connection between our floorwork and suspension crystal clear. To express an harmonious way to deal with both situations.

My style is based on Arisue Go ropes work, Aikido, Thai massage and contact improvisation.

Requirements :

  • Level Intermediate to Advanced.
  • To be confident as a model and as a rigger in these 3 basic suspensions, in any style of your choice : Yoko-tsuri (side suspension), Futomomo-tsuri (one bent leg suspension) and Ryo Ashi-tsuri (joined legs suspension)
  • Roomy or tight clothes, to ease moves and sensations (at least shorts and tank top, no nudity during the workshop), barefoot (or with non sliding socks). Applies to both roles, and any gender.
  • Ropes for Shibari/Kinbaku, hemp or jute, soft, supple and strong. We will prefer 7 or 8 meter lengths (8 ropes needed at least)
  • Carabiners, at least 5, and a safety cutting tool.
  • Body awareness and consciousness for both roles

Important notices:

  • No pictures to be taken during the tuition
  • Forbidden to anyone under 18yo